Oтель Orto de’ Medici - флоренции

David di Michelangelo

The statue of David is one of the most famous symbols of Florence and was made by a very young Michelangelo.

The original is now located in the Galleria dell'Accademia, but an accurate copy still guards the entrance of the Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of the public life of the city.

Actually, the initial project was conceived as a real challenge: to hoist the marble giant very high on one of the bastions of the Cathedral.

But once the work was completed, the result was such an awe-inspiring artwork that even the Vasari wrote about the David: 'one who sees this, it doesn’t have to take care to see another work of sculpture made in our time, or by any other maker'.

It was therefore determined that her beauty would have been put eye level, so to let everyone have the chance to admire it.

David is a religious topic, nonetheless it appeared immediately perfect to fit and represent the virtues of good governance of the Florentine Republic.

Even if the subject of David had already been addressed in the past by other important sculptors, no one has been able to make the concentration of the young man who is unable to meet the challenge of winning the giant Goliath.

The muscles contract and her eyes who is holding their breath to capture the maximum energy capture viewers in fatal tension of the moment.