florence surroundings - itineraries and excursions in tuscany


Due to the city’s excellent location, a stay in Florence can be a great opportunity to visit other art and cultural centers in the surrounding areas. Chianti, Impruneta, and Fiesole are definitely worth a visit, and we can help you organize itineraries and personalized excursions for the perfect day out.


Few places can boast the romantic, charming atmosphere of Fiesole, a small village situated on the hill above Florence. Originally an Etruscan town, in 90 A.D. it became a Roman center during which time temples and theaters were built, the remains of which are still visible today. Fiesole is celebrated for its wonderful view over Florence and the iconic landscape you can admire from its terraces. Having dinner by candlelight in one of the many elegant restaurants is an unforgettable experience.


Located just a few kilometers from Florence, Impruneta is celebrated for its pottery and earthenware. Surrounded by woods and vineyards, the town features a sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, with an altar by Luca della Robbia. On the last Sunday in September the picturesque ‘Feast of the Grape’ is celebrated with singing, dancing, and allegoric carts.


Overflowing with vineyards and olive groves, Chianti is famous worldwide as a land of wine and good food. But Chianti offers much more: charming villages, medieval abbeys, and churches create a fascinating landscape. We definitely recommend a tour through these magic valleys, including a visit to one of the many excellent estates producing Chianti wine, which is exported to every corner of the globe.


Situated right in the center of the area of Mugello, north of Florence, Scarperia still maintains the look of a typical medieval town. Scarperia’s real gem is the ancient Palace of the Vicars, with its splendid multitude of coats-of-arms visible on the façade, and the elegant Arnolfo di Cambio Tower. A visit to the Ferri Taglienti Museum offers a journey into the ancient art of cutlery, traditional to Scarperia.


Prato still offers a town center rich in art and culture. We strongly recommend a visit to the Cathedral and its beautiful frescoes by Filippo Lippi. The Basilica of Santa Maria delle Carceri and the Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art are further points of interest.

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